Romuald Traugutt High School - Częstochowa, Poland

Welcome to our school

Romuald Traugutt High School is a secondary comprehensive school. It has a long lasting tradition. The school was founded in 1920 as a grammar school for boys. In 1964 girls were allowed to study at it as well , and it has been a co-educational school ever since. A special , legendary atmosphere has been created by teachers and Parents Board and, what is most important ,by gifted and ambitious students themselves. The school is a member of The Association of Creative Schools and co-operates with UNESCO realizing proud goals of he organization. Led by experienced teachers the students prepare to take part in many different competitions and they often succeed. Ever year all the students successfully pass their A-levels. The graduates keep in touch with the school, organize re-unions, support the school financially. Thanks to the harmonious co-operation the successive generations create a good atmosphere and tradition of the school, and Romuald Traugutt High School grew into the history of Częstochowa.

What have we got ?

The teaching staff make 60 teachers, two of which are PhDs.

The school has:

# 20 classrooms

# library

# club room

# swimming pool

# playground

# wire broadcasting centre

# buffet

# patio

What besides classes.

The Sosnowski Brothers� Traubean Rally has been held since 1982 and it is the first school event in which first year students take part. It is a kind of freshmen initiation and it is only after the event that the students can become� real� students of our school.

The abilities of our youth are not limited only to a knowledge sphere, and their widespread interests enable them to present their diverse talents like acting, musical, vocal, artistic or organizational talents in many school events.

A part of our school tradition are Christmas Carols concert, A Poetry Day, The Earth Day. Cleaning of the World Day.

Literary talents are revealed by the editors of our school newspaper.

After an intense mental work you can recover on one of cycling trips.

School exchange � the best way of learning a foreign language.

In our school you can learn English, German, French and Russian. You can test your language abilities by taking part in many foreign trips organized by our school teachers. In 1989 we started cooperation with junior high school in Emmerich Nordrhein Westfalle (NRW) in Germany. Every year we have got a students and teachers exchange. Our students go to Germany in spring, whereas German students visit our school in autumn. We also have a similar exchange with a secondary school in France. Every year we organize trips to different European countries.

...untypical forms of work...

We organize meetings with outstanding Traugutt graduates: politicians, writers, actors, film directors, scientists.

...great hearts...

Our students are involved in many charity events like�fields of hope�or�WOŚP. The students help children from orphanages. They support them financially and organize their free time activities (theatre performances, concerts, horse riding therapy, going to children clubs).

...masters of sport...

The school has numerous sport achievements. For the past few years our basketball and volleyball teams have systematically achieved leading places in our local city league. The football players have joined them as well.


All who are interested in our school are invited to the best Polish internet school website, where you can find information about the school, news and a large photography section.

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